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Giuliani, Powell lay out claim of 'massive' vote rigging scheme

Lawyers for President Trump's campaign alleged a plot by his opponents to "rig" voting machines in the presidential election, delivering the race for Joe Biden.

A news conference held at the Republican National Convention headquarters in Washington on Thursday grew heated as three Trump attorneys alleged "a massive well-funded, coordinated effort to deny" voters their constitutional voting rights.

“In terms of the level of corruption we are looking at here, we have no idea how many Republican or Democratic candidates … paid to have the system rigged to work for them,” said Trump attorney Sidney Powell.

“This is enough to overturn any election,” said Rudy Giuliani, citing affidavits and allegations of election fraud in several states, including Pennsylvania.

Fraud was carried out by “Democratic bosses,” he added. "They made significant mistakes, like all crooks do, and we caught 'em."

Something that looked like hair dye dripped down the face of the former New York City Mayor as he spoke.

"Trump won by a landslide, and we are going to prove it, and we are going to reclaim the United States of America for the people who vote for freedom," Powell said. She encouraged the public to download and “read” the voting software.