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Democrats desperately push the 'peaceful protesters' delusion

The most striking feature of Monday night’s virtual substitute for an opening to the Democratic National Convention was the pervasive effort to sell an utterly fictitious narrative of the civil unrest that has shaken the country this summer.

Complete denials and timid justifications of the violence and destruction have become par for the course in the Democratic Party. No leading Democrat has even acknowledged the pervasive violence among what they universally describe as “mostly peaceful protests.”

They chose to ignore antifa and Black Lives Matter-affiliated militants even as they burned police stations, tore down monuments to our war dead and Founding Fathers, assaulted police officers,

looted hundreds of stores, blocked highways, declared a section of downtown Seattle separate from American law, and — yes — killed innocent people. They told us it was all a “myth,” even assuring us that the separatists who would soon start killing people in Seattle were just having a “summer of love” block party. Democrats have kept up this strategy to this day, even as their “mostly peaceful protesters” continue to drag innocent people from cars and beat them unconscious.