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White House Doubts China's Numbers: 100,000 Coronavirus Cases Unreported

February 13, 2020

After confirming the US's 15th case at Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio, officials warned that "there may be additional cases" identified during this period.

The 15th patient was a "solo traveler" from China who has been quarantined "since arriving at Lackland Air Force Base from Wuhan.


They remain in isolation at a local hospital.


Officials assured the public that there's no risk to the local community, according to CNN.


"We are right in the middle of that incubation period so it is not surprising" that the individual developed symptoms, McQuiston said.


"For the most part the people in quarantine are not doing much associating with each other," McQuiston said.


Across the ocean in Russia, two women being held under quarantine over fears they might have contracted the virus managed to escape, citing the appallingly poor conditions of their medical detention, according to the NY Post.


Both of the women were hospitalized with flu-like symptoms after returning the Hainan region in southern China that is popular with Russian tourists because of its tropical environment.


In honor of US stocks turning green, we'd like to share this memorable clip of hazmat-suit-wearing person spraying an office down with disinfectant as China continues to slow lurch back to work.



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