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President Trump Calls Bolton Allegations About Witholding Ukraine Aid ‘False’

January 28, 2020

Congressman Adam Schiff appears to be drumming up hype over John Bolton’s latest claims, which could potentially support the Democrat case for impeachment. While talking to reporters Monday, the California lawmaker said Bolton must testify in the impeachment trial, following the leak of a manuscript of his book.


Bolton allegedly claimed President Trump told him he would withhold aid from Ukraine unless it agrees to investigate the Bidens. Rep. Schiff is now hoping Bolton could provide evidence of that.


“He should be placed under oath and this is why we think the testimony should be public,”he stated. “It should be live; let the American people, along with the senators, evaluate John Bolton’s credibility when he testifies and make their own judgement. ”


President Trump denied the claims and said said he never told Bolton he would pressure Ukraine. He believes his former national security adviser is trying to “sell his book” by suggesting the president tied Ukrainian security aide to Democrat investigations.




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