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Biden Lays out Extreme Immigration Position: Amnesties, Handouts, and Only Felons Get Deported

January 22, 2020

Joe Biden says his immigration policy will focus on the “family unification” of foreigners’ families, and migrants will only be deported if they commit felonies while in the United States.


He told Vice News on January 20:


My [immigration] policy is family unification …  What I’m going to do is make sure we focus on family unification … protect dreamers … [and] provide a pathway [to citizenship] for 11 million people … [the border] cages close … We’re not going to deport anybody who in fact has not — in this country — committed a felony.


In the Vice News interview, Biden did not promise to protect Americans’ from millions of migrants who are likely to cross the border if he stops deportations.


The migrants are rationally seeking jobs in Americans’ workplaces, housing in Americans’ communities, and places in the schools used by Americans’ children.


Numerous studies show migrants tend to reduce Americans’ wages and raise Americans’ housing prices.



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