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China Reports Third Death Due to Viral Pneumonia

Chinese authorities on Jan. 19 reported one new death as a result of a viral pneumonia. Also, another 136 patients were infected, raising the global number of infections to more than 200.

The virus that first emerged from the central Chinese city of Wuhan has killed three so far, all from Wuhan.

The city’s Ministry of Health said that the new patients, aged from 25 to 89, were infected before Jan. 18.

As of Sunday, at least 170 people remained in Wuhan hospitals for centralized treatment, with 35 of them in serious condition and nine critically ill. The officials said they are also monitoring 90 others who had close contact with the patients.

Some 700 miles away from Wuhan, Beijing also confirmed two cases of infection early on Jan. 20, and Guangdong Province in southern China confirmed one case.

The two patients in Beijing have been to Wuhan, according to state media.

Thailand confirmed two cases of the new viral pneumonia, while Japan has reported one. All had recently traveled to Wuhan.