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Jeffrey Epstein Accused Of Sex Trafficking Hundreds Of Girls As Young As 11 In New Lawsuit

January 16, 2020

Dead financier Jeffrey Epstein allegedly sexually abused and trafficked hundreds of young girls on his private island in the Caribbeans until 2018, according to a lawsuit filed Wednesday.


Epstein brought girls as young as 11 years old to Little Saint James, his private island, where he kept a computerized database aimed at tracking the girl’s availability and movements, according to the lawsuit. It accuses the multimillionaire of sex trafficking young women from 2001 until 2018.


The lawsuit, filed by Attorney General of the Virgin Islands Denise N. George, adds to the list of accusations against Epstein, who died after an apparent suicide in August 2019. He was in jail awaiting trial after being charged in July 2019 of sexually abusing girls in New York and Florida.


Wednesday’s lawsuit accuses Epstein of running a sex trafficking scheme out of his private island for decades. It is filed against his estate and asks for the forfeiture of Little Saint James and Great Saint James, Epstein’s second private island.


If the lawsuit is successful, the Virgin Islands’ government could take assets from the estate and give them to those who were abused, according to George.



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