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Chinese man charged with taking photos of US Navy base

December 30, 2019

A Chinese man has been arrested by US authorities while he photographed an American Navy base in the Florida Keys.


The base holds the Joint Interagency Task Force South which keeps tabs on illicit trafficking in both the air and sea and is overseen by a Coast Guard Flag Officer.


Lyuyou Liao, 27, was noticed going into the military site from the rocks along the water by onlookers after travelling by foot around an outer edge fence of the Naval Air Station in Key West, according to a federal complaint.


The witnesses warned Mr Liao he was trespassing in a restricted area known as the Truman Annex, reported the Miami Herald.


US military police snatched Mr Liao’s phone and called a federal agent after they saw him taking photos with his mobile phone, the complaint said.



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