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Boris Johnson Orders Investigation into George Soros Over Anti-Brexit Campaign

November 15, 2019

Britain's Conservative Party government has launched an urgent investigation into liberal billionaire George Soros, over claims the globalist financier funneled millions into a campaign to block Brexit and take down British Prime Minister Boris Johnson.


Soros, known globally as "the man who broke the Bank of England," is facing a probe into almost £3 million ($3.85m) that his foundation pumped into an anti-Brexit campaign aimed at bringing down PM Johnson.


The Conservatives have called for an urgent Electoral Commission probe into George Soros's American organization Open Society Foundation (OSF).


The move follows a report by The Mail on Sunday that uncovered a paper trail revealing that OSF funneled vast sums of money into a campaign seeking to block Brexit at the ballot box.


Soros' New York-based foundation sent the money to the pro-EU group Best for Britain (BfB).


The funding was sent to the group via a London outpost, circumventing a ban on foreign donations to political organizations.



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