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Putin, Erdogan Meet In Russia To Discuss Syrian Situation As Turkey Threatens To Restart Offensive

October 22, 2019

Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan met with Russian President Vladimir Putin in last minute talks before a Syrian ceasefire deal expires. The two leaders reportedly met in the Russian city of Sochi in discussions about normalizing the situation in Syria.


They also discussed the “safe zone” Erdogan is trying to create within Syria’s borders, where he plans to resettle millions of Syrian refugees.


Kurdish fighters in Syria reached out to the Syrian government and its ally Russia after Turkey launched an invasion into the country earlier this month. Putin said high-level cooperative talks should help find solutions to the issues in the country.


“I hope that the level of our Russian-Turkish relations that we have achieved will play its role in normalizing all the issues in the region, and will allow us to find the answers to all the questions, even the most difficult ones, in respect to the interests of Turkey, Russia and all countries in the region,” stated the Russian president.



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