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SDF Claims Securing ISIS Prisons Not Priority After 5 Terrorists Escape

October 12, 2019

The Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) said on Oct. 12 that securing prisons holding ISIS suspects is no longer its priority and that it’s more focused on fighting the Turkish forces and is defending its people.


“Securing ISIS detention centers or chasing sleeper cells is not our priority. We are solely focused on fighting Turkish aggression and protecting our people from it.

World can handle ISIS issue if they really care about it,” Senior SDF official Redor Khalil wrote in a message on Twitter on Saturday.


The statement came after five ISIS terrorists escaped from a prison in North-East Syria on Friday amid Turkish shelling in the Syrian border city of Qamishli.


Thomas McClure, a researcher at Rojava Information Center based in Qamishli, Syria, confirmed the escape to The Epoch Times in a telephone call. He said the escape was documented on video and was also confirmed by the Kurdish authorities in the region.


ISIS separately claimed responsibility for a car bombing in the same city.


“An explosion due to a car bomb happened now nearby an ISIS prison in Hessakeh province, ISIS sleeper cells are taking advantages from the Turkish offensive on NE Syria since the level of SDF protection for prisons and detention centers are getting weak/low,” said Mustafa Bali, an SDF spokesperson in a message on Twitter on Friday.



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