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Hongkongers Defy Mask Ban as City Grinds to a Halt

Thousands of masked Hongkongers were back on the streets on Oct. 5 in a show of defiance against the government’s new ban on face coverings during the ongoing protests against Beijing’s encroachment.

The international financial hub came to a temporary halt after the railway operator MTR Corporation suspended all train services on Saturday. Dozens of shopping malls and shops also closed business early for the day.

Shielded under umbrellas and masks, the demonstrators marched out from Causeway Bay to Central business district in the early afternoon to resist the new law, which made it illegal for anyone to wear face covering at demonstrations and public gatherings.

The government announced the ban on Oct. 4 which was invoked under a rarely-used emergency law.

Spontaneous small protests also popped up in elsewhere across the city, with many holding hands to form a human chain.


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