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Hong Kong in Crisis: The Protesters' Battle with Beijing & the Chinese Communist Party (香港vs

This episode of The Big Story delves into the most crucial financial and geopolitical story in the world right now—Hong Kong. A series of pro-democracy protests over this past summer have rocked Asia’s preeminent global financial center. The movement, which eclipsed the 100-day mark, is a clash between democracy and authoritarianism - at a focal point where East meets West. Why do these protests matter for the international community? What would happen if the US fails to support Hong Kong? How will Beijing ultimately respond to the most severe defiance of their authority since Tiananmen Square in 1989? These are the pressing questions in this hard-hitting Real Vision mini-documentary. Filmed throughout September 2019. (香港vs北京) 習近平 送中 Extradition Bill

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