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Escaping Mao Zedong's China & Weijian Shan's Private Equity Empire

It’s been an improbable journey for Weijian Shan: Amid the shadows of Mao’s rule in China, Shan overcame enslavement, starvation and hard labor before coming to America. Shan went on to earn his undergraduate degree, MBA and doctorate and taught at Wharton before returning to China where he now oversees $30 billion in private equity. In this wide-ranging interview with Brian Price, Shan discusses his new book, “Out of the Gobi” and offers his take on the Fed’s next move, Apple’s struggles, and what a major Wall Street firm can do to alleviate the distress caused by the current U.S. government shutdown. Filmed on January 9th, 2019 in New York.

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