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Parting words from departing FBI boss in Chicago: ‘Our corruption program is extremely busy. Expect more to come’

September 4, 2019

When Jeffrey Sallet took over as boss of the Chicago FBI in late 2017, one of the biggest political corruption investigations in the city’s history was quietly simmering.


A year later, it boiled over with the FBI’s public raid on the City Hall offices of powerful Ald. Edward Burke, touching off a seemingly never-ending series of bombshell developments, from a sweeping indictment against Burke to the revelation that his longtime colleague, Ald. Daniel Solis, had been secretly wearing a wire.


As Sallet prepares to depart later this month for an executive position at FBI headquarters in Washington, he says there is still a lot more still to be revealed about the ongoing corruption probe. And while he won’t be here to see it, Sallet said he’s proud to have helped send a message to politicians "that it is not business as usual.”


“Our corruption program is extremely busy,” Sallet said in an interview Tuesday from the FBI offices on the West Side. “While there have been plenty of overt actions that have occurred, the city of Chicago should expect more to come.”


After two years overseeing one of the FBI’s busiest field offices, Sallet, who turns 49 this week, has been tapped by FBI Director Christopher Wray to serve as the bureau’s chief financial officer and chief property officer — a top level position that will not only highlight his accounting background, but also give him a seat at the table in discussing major operational decisions.


Sallet said he was “honored” by the new assignment. But it was clear that he also would have loved to remain in Chicago, a city that he and his family adore and hope to come back to when his FBI career is over.



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