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Ilhan Omar does NOT want to talk about her alleged affair

Freshman Representative Ilhan Omar (D-MN) on Thursday scurried away from a New York Post reporter asking about her alleged affair with a married political consultant to whom she’s paid tens of thousands of dollars.

Ahead of a planned event at the University of Minnesota, the far-left “Squad” member was approached by a Post reporter, who asked if she had any comment on allegations that she was romantically involved with Tim Mynett, a partner of E. Street Group.

In divorce filings first obtained by the Post, Tim’s wife, Dr. Beth Mynett, alleges her husband confessed in April to having an affair with Omar and even made a “shocking declaration of love” of the lawmaker.

Federal campaign finance records show Omar’s campaign has paid nearly $230,000 to Mynett’s consulting firm since 2018.


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