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Hong Kong Police Are Randomly Arresting Bystanders At Protests

August 27, 2019

Innocent people being held prisoner for days


A report in the South China Morning Post Monday claimed that the Hong Kong police in cracking down on demonstrations are grabbing innocent bystanders and arresting them without due process.


The report notes that the police are accusing people who are there to document the events, or even just observing, of participating in “unlawful assemblies.”


The Post notes that in some cases people are being imprisoned for days without being granted legal counsel:


Among those affected was former marine police officer and retired pilot Jan Bochenski, 62, who was arrested earlier this month for joining an “unlawful assembly” in Sai Wan, his own neighbourhood.


He said he spent 30 hours in custody and had to wait for four hours to phone his wife and another four hours before he could speak to his lawyer despite multiple requests to officers.



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