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Top Saudi Diplomat to Israeli Paper: ‘Age of War with Israel’ Is Over

June 24, 2019

TEL AVIV – In a rare interview with a Hebrew-language newspaper, a senior Saudi diplomat said it was time the Arab world realized that the “age of war with Israel” is over.


The diplomat, who declined to be named, slammed the Palestinian leadership for “irresponsibly” panning the Trump administration’s long-anticipated peace deal without even seeing it.


“The bloody conflict has dragged on for too long. For us the Saudis, as well as for all the Gulf states, Egypt and Jordan, it is clear that the age of war with Israel has ended and that normalizing relations will only benefit us,” he said in interview published in Globes. “The entire Arab world can benefit from this, not only the Palestinians, and of course also [Israel].”


“History and Allah have brought a real opportunity to realize this,” he added.


He praised Israel’s technological prowess, saying that even those in the Arab world that “hate” Israel look to the Jewish state with “admiration over its success in [technology] and hopes to copy it.”


He emphasized Saudi Arabia’s deep commitment to the Palestinians but criticized them for hanging onto a victimhood identity.


“Maybe it is hard for them to separate themselves from the portrayal of the eternal victim and they don’t believe they can survive without it,” he said.


President Donald Trump’s so-called deal of the century would bring the Palestinians $50 billion, “sums they never dreamed of,” he said.


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