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WATCH: Taiwanese Fighter Jets Land on Highway During Military Invasion Drill

May 31, 2019

Taiwan's annual Han Kuang military exercise forced the partial shutdown of the island nation's Sun Yat-sen Freeway earlier this week so that participating air force servicemembers could demonstrate their ability to use the motorway as an emergency airfield.


The wargames, which led to the closure of the freeway's Huatan section, showed off the service's ability to land, refuel and rearm jets on the highway in the event that the nation's military bases were taken over, particularly by Chinese forces.


According to Taiwan News, the F-16V Fighting Falcon, a Mirage 2000-5 multirole fighter jet and the Indigenous Defensive Fighter took part in the military drills alongside the E-2K Hawkeye airborne early warning and control aircraft. Roughly 1,600 servicemembers participated in the drills.




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