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Mueller Refuses To Testify Publicly Before Congress, Infuriating Democrats

May 21, 2019

With most Congressional Democrats still stunned from the anticlimatic publication of Mueller's "Russiagate" report, which found that Trump did not collude with Russia, many have been desperate to hear Mueller's side of the story perhaps in hopes that he will unveil some smoking gun in public (something he failed to do in his report) while the others have quietly turned on Mueller, asking why after a two year probe, he failed to put Trump behind bars.


And now, after the latest development in the never-ending Russia "witch hunt" to paraphrase the president, it won't be long before virtually all Democrats are convinced that Mueller himself must also a Putin plant.


According to Bloomberg, which cites three people familiar with the special counsel’s position, Robert Mueller has balked at testifying publicly before Congress, pushing instead for a closed-door appearance in negotiations with House Democrats.


Why? Because Mueller, who was the center of a media and political circus for no less than two years  has told the Democratic-controlled House Judiciary Committee that - get this - he doesn’t want to be dragged into a political fight and that he’s hesitant to publicly discuss his final report. Among the options Mueller has raised is making a public statement before the committee questions him in private, the people said.


But why if he has nothing to hide, and if all the results of his multi-million probe were disclosed in his report?




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