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What the United States Can Learn From Sri Lanka’s Deadly Terrorist Attacks

There are several immediate lessons learned from the terrorist attacks that killed hundreds and wounded even more in Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka – faced with its own internal political and economic problems – was a soft target for Islamic State terrorists. Meaning, there wasn’t much to stop the terrorists from targeting churches and hotels even when the government had information that an attack was imminent.

The Sri Lankan government plagued with its own internal disputes, communication failures and inadequate resources was victim to those targeting its own people.

The United States should heed the warning signs.

How capable and ready is America’s intelligence and law enforcement apparatus in preventing an attack of this magnitude? As a nation that has lived through similar and even greater attacks, like the nearly 2,977 killed by al Qaeda’s attack on September 11, 2001, the San Bernardino attacks that left 14 dead, and numerous other attacks information sharing, minimal law enforcement resources or failure to pass along information that wasn’t taken seriously led to carnage.