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Venezuela Declares German Envoy Persona Non-Grata

March 6, 2019

Venezuela expels German ambassador for meddling in internal affairs


CARACAS - Venezuela’s government said on Wednesday it had expelled the German ambassador for interfering in the country’s internal affairs, two days after the diplomat welcomed opposition leader Juan Guaido at Caracas airport.


President Nicolas Maduro’s government said Ambassador Daniel Kriener had 48 hours to leave Venezuela and accused him of violating international diplomatic norms, though it did not detail the actions that led to his expulsion.


“Venezuela considers it unacceptable that a foreign diplomat carries out in its territory a public role closer to that of a political leader aligned with the conspiratorial agenda of extremist sectors of the Venezuelan opposition,” the government said in a statement.


A German foreign ministry spokeswoman confirmed Venezuela had expelled the ambassador.


Last week, the German foreign ministry indicated its supportfor sanctions against Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro and his inner circle, adding that the European Union, like the US, had already "taken measures targeting certain members of the regime." A government spokesman clarified that Berlin supported the extension of "further sanctions" against Caracas, and was "in close contact" with other European states on the issue.


The German foreign ministry confirmed Wednesday that its ambassador had been expelled, with a spokesperson saying Berlin was consulting with allies in formulating a response.




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