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Mueller and FBI Arrest Roger Stone Because Major FBI Scandal Out Today – FBI Agent Pientka Linked to

Every time the corrupt Mueller gang, FBI and DOJ come out with a major news story it is strategically synchronized to cover up another scandal involving their corrupt actions. Today’s arrest of Roger Stone is no exception.

Today the corrupt Mueller gang arrested long time Trump friend Roger Stone. He was arrested early in the morning as the FBI always does. Another American attacked by the mobsters in the Deep State due to his relationship with this President. But there is something more than coincidental about this arrest this morning. Not only was CNN there to film the arrest, proving again that the Mueller mobsters are colluding with members of the deep state and corrupt media, but there is something more.

There always is a something that is breaking related to the corrupt Deep State whenever they attempt to change the news cycle. Today is no exception.

Over the past couple of days the testimony of former FBI General Counsel James Baker was released. Baker resigned and he too was a crook and involved in Deep State efforts to aid Hilary Clinton in her bid to become President and their attempted coup to remove President Trump after he defeated Hillary in the 2016 election.

What Baker said was shocking, especially his testimony surrounding the missing corrupt FBI agent Joseph Pientka.

According to Brian Cates at the Epoch Times the Baker testimony was explosive. Baker stated that –...


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