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Illegal Immigrant Arrested with $850K in Drugs Previously DEPORTED 8 Times

An illegal immigrant arrested in Utah with more than $850,000 in drugs was previously deported eight times, according to ABC News.

“Detectives said a man recently arrested on the suspicion of drug trafficking was living in the United States illegally and had been deported eight different times,” writes ABC Salt Lake City. “On January 12, the detectives with the Utah County Special Enforcement Team arrested 44-year-old Jose Olegario Lopez. Detectives recovered $850,000 worth of cocaine and methamphetamine following a search of his car.”

“Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents placed a hold on Lopez and a judge ordered that he held without bail. During the course of the investigation, detectives learned that Lopez is from the State of Sinaloa in Mexico,” adds the article.

The arrest comes as President Trump calls-on congressional Democrats to fully fund his border barrier and re-open the federal government. Left-wing lawmakers have so-far rebuked the President’s demands; calling the national security emergency at the border a “manufactured crisis.”


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