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President Trump Confirms He Has Answered Questions For Mueller Probe

President Trump recently confirmed he has finished answering written questions for special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation. He made the announcement during the signing of a new cybersecurity bill Friday.

The president said he personally finished answering the list of questions for Mueller, but has not yet submitted them.

He added, he was easily able to answer the questionnaire himself without the help of his lawyers.

“I was asked a series of questions — I’ve answered them very easily, very easily,” said President Trump. “I’m sure they’re tricked up, because you know they like to catch people — ‘Gee was the weather sunny or was it raining…he said it may have been a good day, it was raining therefore he told a lie, her perjured himself’ — okay, so you have to always be careful when you answer questions with people who probably have bad intentions.”


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