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"Freddy hated rats," Mafia Hitman Is Primary Suspect In Jailhouse Murder Of Whitey Bulger

October 31, 2018

Geas' friends weren't surprised to hear that he may have been involved in the killing.


"Freddy hated rats," private investigator and Geas’ friend Ted McDonough told the paper. "Freddy hated guys who abused women. Whitey was a rat who killed women. It’s probably that simple."


Even Geas' former lawyer, who represented Geas in his Mafia murder case, said he wasn't surprised to hear that his former client had refused to dispute his role in the killing and had refused to identify any accomplices.


"He wouldn’t rat on anybody," said attorney David Hoose. "And he had no respect for anyone who did."


Meanwhile, the Massachusetts prosecutor who convicted Bulger offered no words of remorse for a man whom he once described as one of the cruelest killers in the criminal underworld, per CNN.



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