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REPORT: 25% Of Millennials Say They're Suffering From PTSD Because Of The 2016 Elections

October 25, 2018

A new psychological study from San Francisco State University claims that a full quarter of millennials are suffering from bouts of post traumatic stress disorder, or PTSD, because of the 2016 elections.


The study is by no means comprehensive — the research pool was limited to 769 students studying psychology at Arizona State University — but of those millennials chosen for the test, 25% reported experiencing “clinically significant” levels of stress, along with other symptoms of PTSD.


Students were evaluated using an “Impact of Event” scale, which measures stress levels at various times following a major traumatic event, typically a tragedy or a personal illness or injury.


The results, the Washington Examiner reports, "indicated that students’ average stress score was similar to those of witnesses of a mass shooting seven months after the incident."


“The scale is used to gauge the extent to which individuals have been impacted by an event in such a way that it might lead to diagnosable post-traumatic stress disorder,” lead researcher, Melissa Hagan said in a statement released alongside the study.


“What we were interested in seeing was, did the election for some people constitute a traumatic experience?” Hagan added. “And we found that it did for 25 percent of young adults.”


Those students suffering symptoms all qualify for an official PTSD diagnosis, according to the study itself. And students who self-identified as a minority, as female, as a Democrat, or as a non-Christian reported the most significant stress levels.



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