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Texas Border Patrol Chief Begs For Help Before Caravan Hits as Over 12,000 Illegals Caught in Last T

Thousands of illegal aliens are swarming the Texas border this month in advance of the migrant caravan marching through Mexico, prompting Chief Patrol Agent Manuel Padilla, Jr., the Customs and Border Patrol Sector Chief of the Rio Grande Valley, to beg for help dealing with the onslaught of illegal aliens, gang members and drug cartel smugglers. Just on Saturday over 700 illegal aliens were caught, with over 12,000 caught in the past three weeks. In addition, safe houses have been busted and drug smugglers intercepted by the overstretched CBP in the Rio Grande Valley.

16,000 “family units” were reported caught in the last month in the RGV sector by CBP. All these illegals take manpower and resources to detain, process, house, clothe, feed, and give medical treatment.

Padilla sent out several tweets this weekend with the message, “We need #personnel #technology#infrastructure“, in conjunction with video reports by on scene Fox News Channel reporter Griff Jenkins. “Another busy day with @GriffJenkins in #RGV South Texas. Over 12,700 illegal alien arrests in past 3 weeks. nearly 800 pounds of marijuana & almost 70 pounds of peyote just yesterday We need #personnel #technology#infrastructure #HonorFirst“…”Our #BorderPatrol Agents face challenges daily while focusing on our #BorderSecurity mission and our #HumanitarianEfforts #RGV South Texas is in need of #personnel#technology & #infrastructure for both mission sets #HonorFirst @GriffJenkins @FoxNews #DayInTheLife