October 6, 2020

Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe on Tuesday declassified documents that revealed former CIA Director John Brennan briefed former President Obama on Hillary Clinton’s purported “plan” to tie then-candidate Donald Trump to Russia as “a means of distracting the public from her use of a private email server” ahead of the 2016 presidential election, Fox News has learned.

Ratcliffe declassified Brennan’s handwritten n...

October 6, 2020

ST. LOUIS - A grand jury indicted Mark and Patricia McCloskey Tuesday on charges of exhibiting guns at protesters in a June incident in their neighborhood.

Additionally, the grand jury added a charge of tampering with evidence for both members of the couple. 

The McCloskeys were in court Tuesday, but the case was pushed back a week because the grand jury had not rendered a decision on whether or not to indict them.

Afterward, Mar...

October 2, 2020

The data is in and it’s phenomenal. Team Trump has spent millions of dollars on their ground operations and it shows. Joe Biden has no ground operation to create enthusiasm or drive voters. He also has few campaign events. The events that Biden does have are virtually empty. He is trying to drive voter turn out by outspending Trump on attack ads. That’s not going to work. It should not surprise anyone if Trump wins all of the...

September 29, 2020

Former Secretary of State and 2016 presidential candidate Hillary Clinton approved in late 2016, of an operation to target then candidate Donald Trump with a scandal involving Russia “by tying him to (Vladimir) Putin and the Russians ‘hacking of the Democratic National Committee.”

“The IC does not know the accuracy of this allegation or the extent to which the Russian intelligence analysis may reflect e...

September 18, 2020

Former CIA Director John Brennan opened up about various inquiries into the Russia investigation during an appearance Thursday on MSNBC.

After the Senate Homeland Security Committee voted to authorize the use of a subpoena against him in its investigation, Brennan shrugged off the implications of the vote.

He said the chairman, Sen. Ron Johnson, and another top Republican conducting a separate review of the Russia investiga...

September 18, 2020

The council earlier voted to cut $1 million from the police department and reallocate it to the health department to hire "violence interrupters" intended to deescalate potentially violent situations.

Crime in Minneapolis has surged since the death in late May of George Floyd while in the custody of police and subsequent efforts to defund the city's police department.

The Minneapolis Police Department's crime data shows a rise i...

September 16, 2020

Contrary to corporate media narratives, up to 95 percent of this summer’s riots are linked to Black Lives Matter activism, according to data collected by the Armed Conflict Location and Event Data Project (ACLED). The data also show that nearly 6 percent — or more than 1 in 20 — of U.S. protests between May 26 and Sept. 5 involved rioting, looting, and similar violence, including 47 fatalities.

ACLED is a nonprofit organization...

September 15, 2020

The U.S. government on Monday announced an import ban on some items from China that it believes are produced with “state-sponsored forced labor.”

U.S. Customs and Border Protection issued five withhold release orders on Tuesday, which are issued when the agency has reason to believe products imported may be made in whole – or part – by forced labor (including convict labor, child labor and indentured labor).

As a...

September 14, 2020

State, DOJ officials reported to FBI concerns Ukraine gas firm made bribe to local prosecutors while under corruption investigation.

Just eight months after Vice President Joe Biden's son Hunter joined the board of Burisma Holdings, U.S. officials in Kiev developed evidence that the Ukrainian gas company may have paid a $7 million bribe to the local prosecutors investigating the firm for corruption, according to interviews and...

September 10, 2020

Attorney general declines to say whether any charges would be announced prior to Election Day

Attorney General William Barr said this week that there “could be” more charges stemming from U.S. Attorney John Durham's monthslong review into alleged misconduct and the origins of the Russia investigation.

Barr, during an interview with NBC News this week, was asked whether additional charges could come out of Durham’s...

September 8, 2020

Former State official Jonathan Winer says he destroyed Steele memo at former spy's request.

Earlier this year, the infamous dossier author Christopher Steele revealed he had destroyed nearly all the records detailing his dirt-digging on Donald Trump and Russia.

"They no longer exist," Steele told a British court.

Now comes word that Steele's primary and longtime contact inside the Obama State Department, Jonathan Winer, also dest...

September 8, 2020

Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) released a video Sunday that described more than three months of riots as an “uprising over centuries of racial neglect and oppression.”

Yes, there’s so much racial oppression and neglect in America, a Muslim immigrant from Somalia can be elected to the U.S. House of Representatives in a state called Minnesota.

“As we speak, we are in the midst of an ongoing uprising over centuries of racial neglect a...

September 7, 2020

During an interview on Fox News Channel’s “Watters’ World,” Breitbart News senior contributor and Government Accountability Institute President Peter Schweizer, discussed his forthcoming documentary, “Riding the Dragon: Uncovering the Bidens’ Chinese Secrets.”

Schweizer laid out Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden’s ties to Communist China, which he warned could have national security implications for the United States.


September 4, 2020

The Fraternal Order of Police (FOP), the nation’s largest police union, announced it is endorsing President Trump on Friday and praised him for his calls for law and order.

“Public safety will undoubtedly be a main focus for voters in this year’s election,” FOP President Patrick Yoes said in a statement. “Look at what the national discourse has focused on for the last six months. President Trump has shown time after time t...

September 3, 2020

Professor Angelo M. Codevilla warns that if the Democrats win the 2020 elections, it would be “virtually impossible for conservatives ever to win again.”

Codevilla, who is professor emeritus of International Relations at Boston University, made the prediction in a review published by the Claremont Review of Books for Michael Anton’s new book The Stakes: America at the Point of No Return.

The book makes the argument tha...

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