Aug 29

James Comey's 'highest loyalty' is to himself



Former FBI Director James Comey’s sanctimonious series of prepared tweets appeared on my timeline even before the news broke that the Department of Justice’s watchdog arm, the Office of the Inspector General, had released its findings into his conduct.



I hurriedly scrolled through to find the report, which was prepared following an investigation into the former FBI director’s “disclosure of sensitive investigative information and handling of certain memoranda.” But I shook my head at the predictability of James Comey’s vituperative preemptive strike. The report is damning, so it’s not surprising that Comey attempted to get out in front of the news cycle. Comey has shed any pretense that his ego, narcissism, and naked tribalism are any less loathsome than his antagonist: President Trump.


So what’s in the new report that has Comey so worked up?


The inspector general, Michael Horowitz, an Obama appointee, elected not to refer Comey for criminal prosecution. Not surprising.



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