Oct 3

Horrifying video shows Venezuelan prison guards torturing prisoners by having roosters fight on their backs as they lay face down naked




Disturbing video footage recorded by an official at a jail in Venezuela captured the horrifying moment prison guards tortured naked inmates and used fighting roosters to attack them.


At least 82 inmates were forced to lay face down naked with their hands behind their heads in a court yard at the Police Coordination Center in Anaco, Anzoátegui last Friday, Venezuelan outlet ACN reported.


The prisoners were reportedly beaten for more than two hours and were denied food and water for 24 hours. 


The guards allegedly hosed down cells with fuel to force prisoners out into the yard.


They then allegedly used a hose to spray them with water and placed fighting roosters on their bodies, who left bite marks and scratchs on the defenseless inmates.


Family members said the prisoners had recently gone on a strike to protest the lack of food and water served by the staff at the jail. 

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